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A supercar and Gábor Wéber at BME! - The BME Motorsport Design Freeze

After much anticipation and preparation, our Design Freeze event took place on 19 February in the Ceremonial Hall of BME!

  The main goal of our event was to present the design concept of our 2024 car, but we tried to make it more colorful for our guests with exciting activities and interesting events. At the entrance, out of the courtesy of DRX Sport a Lamborghini Huracán EVO was waiting for the visitors alongside our 2023 car FRC-X.

After the reception, a speech by our team captain Eszter Balogh and our chief engineer Marcell Havasi opened the series of stage events. Eszter talked about what Formula Student is, who we BME Motorsport are and what results we have achieved in previous seasons. She also talked about how our team is being built up and how this will change with production and racing in the second half of the season.

Marcell Havasi's speach focused on the technical details. The first topic was how our 2024 car, the FRC-11, will be different from last year's car. The biggest improvement was in terms of the powertrain. Our biggest goal for the season was to develop a hybrid powertrain, which the team has successfully achieved. In the future, we want to use this technology to be as successful as possible in the 2024 racing season.

This was followed by the highlight of the afternoon, a discussion between Dr. Péter Harth, Associate Professor, Gábor Wéber, Formula 1 commentator (who visited us thanks to OMV), Bálint Kardos, head of hybrid car simulation at Bosch and Marcell Havasi, our Chief Engineer. The discussion focused mainly on the hybrid, but also touched on issues such as the future of its use, both in road driving and in motorsport.  There were questions about the relationship between racing and the automotive industry and how their developments interact. (These issues are very important to us, as one of our main goals is to help students study and gather experience in such a way that they can find a career in either the automotive or racing industry). It also brought up the question that we here at Motorsport deal with every day: what makes a good racing car.

After the talk, our guests were invited to a standing reception, where our divisions (Engine, Chassis, Chassis, Electronics, Aero, Hybrid) had their own stands. At these stands, visitors were able to learn more about the final design of the FRC-11 from the engineers of the respective departments.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support! Without them, neither our developments nor our events would be possible! Special thanks to DRX Sport who have provided us with an amazing supercar! We would also like to thank OMV for their support, thanks to whom we could invite Gábor Wéber! We would also like to thank Gábor for all the work we did together! Finally, we would like to thank everyone for coming to our Design Freeze event! Go Motorsport!


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