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All the questions answered by the BME Motorsport team

On 26 January our team took part in one of the most important events of the season, the race qualification quizzes.

            This annual event determines who gets to compete in which races during the summer racing season. Team members (whether they are Engineers, Data Analysts or Marketing & Sponsorship group members) come together to answer a variety of professionally, logically, or economically challenging questions in a day-long quiz. Each competition has a 2-hour window during the day, so each team solves the same quiz at the same time. Therefore, in many cases, the speed of answering is also a factor.

We can be proud of ourselves, as we achieved the required amount of points in all quizzes and were free to choose from all races for the 2024 season.

            And the team has decided to start the season with one of our home events, FS Easter. This will be followed by the FS Austria, at Spielberg, at the Red Bull Ring, the home of the Austrian Grand Prix, which will be all new and exciting for us. Two more familiar races will follow, the FS Czech Republic and the FS Alpe Adria.

            We are looking forward to being on the grid for these four races and hope to be as proud of our performance after these events as we were after the quiz.


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