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2020 FRC-07

During our second season, we considered it important that the team expands to at least 40 people, thus achieving quantitative growth and quality improvement in work, thereby increasing the chance of successful participation in summer competitions .


In accordance with the goals of the 2020 season, we qualified for the Hungarian FSEast, FS Germany and FS Czech Republic competitions. The coronavirus epidemic did not spare the world of Formula Student either, the racing season was cancelled, despite this, we built our car, which we will expose to an increased test distance.

As the races were canceled in their original form, Formula Student Online was staged, where the static numbers were scored based on pre-recorded videos and the dynamic numbers were conducted via a simulator. In addition, we looked for challenges outside of Formula Student: the team also participated in the Techtogether engineering student competition in 2020, where we took 3rd overall in the spring and 4th overall in the fall. Furthermore, we expanded our knowledge on several professional courses.

From the engineering point of view, significant improvements followed based on the experiences of our first season. For the 2020 racing season, we implemented a completely re-thought concept, which included a new carbon monocoque frame, a complete aerodynamic package and a new engine.

During the joint discussions after our first season, BME Motorsport and the engine development team from Győr, SZEngine, also worked together in the 2020 racing season to achieve the best possible results.

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BME Motorsport was founded in October 2018, initially consisting of 8 students. In the 2018-2019 season, the team's engine supplier was the SZEngine team, with whom we jointly developed our car codenamed FRC-06.

A similar collaboration, which takes place between the Formula Student teams of two different universities, has never been seen before in Hungary.

Shortly after our establishment, we participated in the Formula Student Symposium in Győr, where we expanded our knowledge by listening to the presentations of numerous engineering specialists.

In our first season, we registered for the Hungarian Formula Student East, Formula Student Netherlands and Formula Student Czech Republic competitions. We participated in all three races, where we gained a lot of experience and kilometers traveled in races, and we also received valuable feedback about our race car.

In addition to preparing for the competitions, we participated in the Techtogether engineering student competition, where in the spring of 2019 we won the overall second place, and in the fall the overall third place.

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