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Introducing motorsport to the young ones!

Mi a pálya?” is a Hungarian nationwide educational exhibition organised for several years by the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association, which aims to promote technical careers to primary and secondary school students in 6 cities across the country. The event is attended by nearly 15 000 young people. And for the students who came to the event on 15-16 November in Budapest, in the handball stadium of Vasas SC, we had the chance to show them what BME Motorsport is all about.

            The event gives young people the opportunity to meet various large companies. These firms are working in interesting technical fields such as robotics, the development of public transport and energy engineering. This time we were also invited to the event, so the students could get a taste of the world of racing and the automotive industry.

This was also the first time that our newly built demonstration car was on show, thanks to the hard work of our engineering crew, established on our newly recruited teammates.

We were delighted to welcome the enthusiastic schoolchildren, who were happy to take part in our car part hunt, where they got to know the car a little better. We were delighted with all the clever and technical questions and tried to give to them the best answer possible.

The event was a great platform to promote our team and our sponsors not only among schoolchildren, but also among the companies, who were present. We met a lot of interesting and dedicated people. The experiences they have shared with us during conversations will be of great help in the work of our team, BME Motorsport.

We were delighted by the warm welcome we have received from both the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association and the visitors!


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