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Hybrid drive is the secret to success.

Our team, BME Motorsport (which competes in the internal Formula Student championship and in the internal combustion engine class within it) is looking forward to the 2024 season with big ambitions after a successful 2023 season in both the static and dynamic categories.


Before the start of the season, we have restructured the team under the leadership of our team captain Eszter Balogh and our chief engineer Marcell Havasi. The year was divided into two main periods: design, and testing and racing.

During the design period, our engineers are divided into composite, mechanical design, engine design, hybrid, and electronics groups according to their specialisations. They are supported by our marketing & sponsorship and data analysis teams. Each of our groups will work towards success in the coming season, refreshed by the momentum of the new members who joined since the recruitment in September - October.

The main goal of our design period will be to improve the hybrid drive. We experimented with this technology last year. But by 2024, the rules will be more detailed on the topic, giving us a great opportunity. Our team is expecting great success from the electric motors fitted to the front two wheels, as the addition of electric drive will give the car greater cornering and straight-line speed. The experience we gained last year in hybrid powertrains will help us a lot, as the core of our engineering team is made up of engineers with experience from the previous season.

There will also be a strong focus on increasing the power of the combustion engine, harmonising the two powertrains, and improving the reliability of the car in all areas.

The improvements to the powertrain will also see the geometry of the monocoque undergo a revamp, so our car for the 2024 season will also undergo a major change in its fundamentals.

The design will be followed by a period of testing and racing, starting with our Rollout event in May. Our team is aiming for the top step of the podium again in 2024.


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